Eliminate Impurities in Your Water with a Chlorine Injection System in Chicagoland



General Explanation:

    • This chlorine injection system is designed to remove dissolved impurities in your water such as iron,iron bacteria and hydrogen sulfide.


    • Using a chemical feed pump (D), we inject chlorine into the water coming from your well.


    • The chlorine is used to drop out or oxidize the impurities in your water.


    • The 12″ x 52″ mixing tank (B)is used forthe waterto get additional contact time with the chlorine ensuring that the impurities are completely oxidized out of the water.


    • The carbon filter (E)is used to remove any residual chlorine that is not used in the oxidation process.


    • This system is designed with a flow switch (G). This will tell the chemical feed pump (D) to inject the chlorine/water mixture only when water is used inside your home. This allows us to leave your outside water untreated.

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After your chlorine injection system has been installed, there are a few care and maintenance tasks to perform to ensure proper water treatment.

    1.  Keep the chlorine tank (C) supplied with a mixture of treated water from tap (J) and regular unscented chlorine bleach. The mixture is usually three gallons of water to one gallon of chlorine.This mixture may vary depending on the severity of the water problems.


    1. You will need to flush the residue from the bottom of the 12″ x 52″ mixing tank (B) using the flush valve (H) at least oncea month. Make sure that you open a conditioned water faucet somewhere in your home when you are flushing the 12″ x 52″ mixing tank (B).


    1. The flow switch (G) should be checked and cleaned periodically depending on the amount of impurities that you have in your water. To accomplish this, start by closing the watershut-off after the 12″ x 52″ mixing tank (B). Then close the water shut-off after the flow switch (G) .Now open the tap (J) and release the water pressure. Once the water pressure is released, you can open the flow switch (G) and clean it. Take the plunger out and rinse it off. Now re-install it and close tap (J) and open both of the water shut-off valves.


    1. The carbon filter (E) has a timer that needs to be set properly. If the timer is not set to the current time, the regeneration cycle could occur during the day when you are using water in the house to do laundry or dishes. When this carbon filter (E) is in regeneration, it is not filtering the water so make sure that you keep the timer set to the correct time. (See owner’s manual for timer setting instructions).


    1. The mediain the carbon filter (E)is used to remove residual chlorine from thewater. This media absorbs the chlorine. When the media is fully exhausted it will need to be changed. You will most likely notice a slight odor in the water when this occurs. Just give us a call and we can easily take care of this for you. Most systems that we install need to have their filter media replaced somewhere between one and three years.


    1. Some cleaning maintenance will be needed on the pump (D) and the injection point (F). For information on this, please refer to the chemical feed pump owner’s manual.


You can also call our service department for any technical support that is needed.

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