Iron Filters for Aurora, Naperville, Barrington, and other Illinois Areas

The Fleck 2510 Filter Valve

Iron Buster Filters For Iron and Sulfur Reduction, Featuring The Fleck 2510 Filter Valve.

The Iron Buster stores a “bubble” of air, compressed by your well pressure, within
the media tank. As your water passes thru the air, the iron or sulfur is converted to
a particle which is then trapped by the catalytic filter media in the tank while the air
“bubble” is gradually consumed by the passing water. For regeneration, the unit first
backwashes itself, removing any iron or sulfur particles it has trapped.

The system then replenishes the air “bubble” by drawing in atmosphere, temporarily
emptying the tank of all water and transferring oxygen molecules into and on the
surface of the media bed where all oxidation occurs. The system then returns to the
service position again filtering your water.


  • Chemicals not required for contaminate removal.
  • High efficiency of iron and sulfur removal.
  • Only periodic backwash required.

Filter Controls:

  • Fleck 2510 filter valve.
  • Programmable days to regenerate.
  • 5-cycle regeneration for minimum water usage.
  • Durable Fleck 2510 filter valve with lifetime parts warranty.

Iron Buster Chart

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